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The i behind the creative

Brooke J Spagrud

Brooke J Spagrud


Creative i Marketing’s Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist, Brooke J Spagrud, has a unique approach for helping businesses market themselves online. She can help your business harness the power of Social Media and tap into a new customer base.

Marketing Solutions That Work

The marketing of a business is vast and ever-changing. It ultimately is the conversation that your business has with the outside world and includes the way your business is perceived. For a long time the mediums of print and broadcasting have been the only effective ways of reaching your audience, but now there are more people at your fingertips than you can possibly imagine. That’s where Creative-i comes in.

With so many new options available these days, managing your marketing and coming up with a executable plan can be a large task. Most businesses don’t have the time, staff or knowledge to maximise the potential and Return On Investment for your advertising dollar.

At Creative i Marketing & Consulting we understand that your business and your bottom line are very important to you and will always perform with your best interests in mind. Allow us to professionally manage your advertising & marketing more efficiently by generating a marketing plan that works with your business. You will save time, save money, and most importantly, you will be working with an experienced professional that you can trust, every step of the way.

So… let ‘s start a conversation!

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