We Give A S**T
Creative i Marketing is a special company with the purpose of making a difference.

At our core we give a s**t. We understand that we’re working with people who have emotions. Business owners are people, not numbers. Posts, or content, on our client’s platforms are targeted at people, not numbers. We treat people just like they are people we care about, because we do!

Often we care so much that we do more than we are obligated to. We do this because we understand that, although what we do is business to business, businesses are all about people. They are run by people who deal with people everyday – so do we.

We lead with integrity, quality, innovation and creativity.
Brooke J Spagrud
CEO & Lead Social Media Strategist
Brooke is the Founder and Owner of Creative i Marketing & Social Media. 
With over 10 years in media, marketing and business development, Brooke understands how businesses work from the inside and how they can be effectively promoted from the outside. All this experience enables Brooke to see into the effectiveness of a businesses marketing efforts and how they are relating to their target customers and audience. 

Brooke has a passion for ensuring small businesses are capitalizing as 
much as possible on all things marketing, including social media trends. 

From big to small businesses, from online to brick & mortar, Brooke's Social Media Marketing Strategies build communities, customers and fan bases 
who not only like pages, but make purchases too!
Danica Barnstable
Research & Content Creator
Danica is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to researching content, funny memes, or searching for other brands to learn from during our Market Analysis Phase. Her witty sense of humour and marketing background provide her with the right amount of ammunition to be a dangerous asset to the Creative i Team. 

With a background in graphic design and more than ten years of marketing experience (including campaign management and media planning), Danica brings her 'A' game to the team on each project. This also includes using words and phrases that Brooke has to Google from time to time... Yup, no cookie-cutter stuff here :) 

Quality and client satisfaction are her top priorities!
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