The Never Ending “To Do” List

The Never Ending “To Do” List

The Never Ending “To Do” List

Get better at doing this Facebook thing.
It’s on your “To Do” List…
(You know, that list of shit you need to get done that seems to perpetually get longer and longer?) 

But you are also trying to run a business, 
manage employees, 
handle customer inquiries/sales…. oh and did I mention; plan supper for your family, 
take the kids to school, 
make it to sports activities, 
feed yourself, 
do that volunteer thing, and, and, and…. 
AND just be a good human doing good things and making a difference while supporting your family.

Am I right?








Believe me, I’m a mom trying to run a business and keep my life together too. I totally get it. #TheStruggleIsReal

✏️ You KNOW your business needs to be more social, 
✏️ You really want a more solid strategy, 
✏️ You want to build your brand awareness and 
✏️ you have all of these ideas brewing in your mind…..
✏️ and you want so desperately to be posting to your Facebook page regularly and building relationships with your customers BUT…

there’s only so many hours in the day and at the end of the day, you just don’t have the time required to put forth the energy to do it right, right?
So you don’t.

 Your posting is ad-hoc and reactionary.
 Not much time or thought goes into it.
And the results you are getting from that… well, let’s just say they’re not really motivating enough to continue but it’s enough that you can’t just walk away from this as a marketing tool either (because deep down you know you actually want to do this for your business).

And what you really want is someone to help you put your vision and goals out there. 
(like a Social Media Magician of sorts)

To tangibly create what you simply don’t have the time for (and maybe the know-how) to do.

But you find yourself in a position where you’re not quite ready to hire another employee that’s qualified to help you (that’s at least $40-60k/yr for someone with proper marketing experience). AND right now, it’s likely just a part-time gig so you don’t have enough work for them to stick around either.
BOOM! This is where I step in.

What if I told you that this is the very reason I do what I do…
 I thrive on being creative and producing things that are useful
 It’s important to me to create things of lasting value
 I seek to create experiences for my customers that helps them fill the gap in their business while growing their brand and increasing sales
 I totally geek out with creating images and videos and posting and commenting and looking at analytics and responding to messages ….

And i don’t
 Want to be an employee (I like my messy buns, yoga pants and mid afternoon kitty snuggles from home)
 I don’t want to have hundreds of clients… (just a few, so that I can be of greatest value to those I serve).
 I don’t want to be the person you just pass this off to and never have to deal with again.

I actually want to be a part of your team, an extension of your business, your off-site, right-hand, Facebook Gal!

⭐️ You see, I am a Social Media Strategist! ⭐️
And I help busy business owners like you create social media content that helps you stand out and create more sales.
Right now, I’m looking to partner with a few more of the right people that have a vision for what they want for their business, but need someone to generate ideas and implement with them… like a strategic alliance.

I remove the stagnant, 
confused, and 
frustrated part of running your social media accounts and replace it with a sense of ease, 
structure, and 
cohesiveness of message that leaves you feeling more confident, elated, and excited about your marketing.
* insert happy dance here*

OH, and I actually give a shit.
And I want you to be in good hands.
Because my success relies on OUR success.

Ready to find out more about how I can help you and to see if we are a good fit?

That’s ok. I’m not for everybody. 
Thanks for reading along this far. I hope you enjoyed it and I wish you all the best with whatever it is you are looking for.

 < YES > 
Great! Let’s learn a bit more about each other first before we get into the details of it all. If you are serious about adding someone like me to your business, please complete my New Client Questionnaire at the link below. Make sure that you give yourself 20 minutes or so to focus on your answers before we hop on the phone, ok?

This is important. 
If you can’t commit to finding the right people to work with you, you will never get the results you want.

Here’s the link again to get you started: